Privacy Policy

Call Us: 1-800-987-6415 (Toll Free) wants to protect and safeguard the privacy of every internet user visiting its website. Through this privacy policy company advocates the transparency and company's responsibility to protect website visitors' private and personal information. The company hence, never shares the user information with any third party.

Please Note - The uses cookies and the continued use or the acknowledgement of the terms of privacy policy will be taken as users' discretion of use of cookies. may collect the IP address of the computer/laptop in use by any internet user for accessing this website, along with the geographical location, browser information, about the operating system, nature of the website navigation and of course any kind of information a visitor intends to share with the company or at this website.
The company owning the website is resolute in acknowledging and working towards protecting the right to privacy of all of its visitors. Through this policy the company intends to put forward the information of how the user (people visiting this website) information is collected and in what possible ways the information is used.
The professional aim of is to become the leader in the market by proffering the best outsourcing services to diverse clientele. The services offered on this website includes inbound outsourcing, outbound outsourcing and IT outsourcing. The website is built secure so as to address all the privacy issues. The overview of this policy is described as below -

User Information Collected by

  • Through Contact us forms. These forms are publicly published on the website so as to invite users from across the globe who want to engage in working partnership with the company to submit the information. However, no restrictions in any form are imposed on any visitor to share the said information through contact us form. It solemnly depends on user discretion.
  • Cookie Policy : As declared above, this website confirms the use of cookies to register the important information like how a visitor discovered this website, which webpages were last used before reaching and the nature of website navigation. However, if any user does not intend to share this information with the website (owners), he/she can disable the use of cookies from browser settings.
  • 24 X 7 Support : We offer 24 X 7 support for sales, product support, technical applications, network tech support, remote support, IT as well as digital marketing (including website design, development).

  • How information is used :
    Every collected information is monitored and analyzed to develop a better understanding of the effectiveness of this website, how it impacts the browsing and website navigation. Based on these observations, works on improving the website visiting experience of the users. If any internet user subscribes for the newsletter or promotional material, direct mails are send to the registered e-mail ids. The visitor/user can opt out of the service any time by simply unsubscribing from the newsletter/promotional material.